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Shockingly Healthy! Gluten Free Coconut Chocolate Chip Blondie(70g) **GTA ONLY**

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We’re not gonna deny that blondies have more fun! This versatile, scrumptious square boasts a subtle, sophisticated vanilla batter that’s just the right amount of simplicity to suit your breakfast routine, your afternoon snack fix, or your night time cravings for luscious, coconut chocolate-loaded sweets!

These blondies are baked in our  DAIRY, EGG, WHEAT & GLUTEN FREE FACILITY. They're also: Vegan • Cholesterol free • Lactose free • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives • Trans fat free • Kosher Pareve • Halal

INGREDIENTS: Chickpeas, Filtered water, Chocolate chips (Cane sugar, Unsweetened chocolate, Cocoa butter, Natural vanilla extract), Cashew butter (dry-roasted cashews, Sunflower oil), Unsweetened desiccated coconut, Dates, Sugars (Organic coconut palm sugar, Tapioca syrup), Gluten-free whole grain oats, Almond protein, Sunflower seed butter, Cocoa butter, Tapioca starch, Vanilla bean paste, Non-alum baking powder, Cinnamon, Sea salt. Lemon juice. CONTAINS: CASHEWS, ALMONDS