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Sugar Free Keto Cookie BUNDLE

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This little cookie combo packs a big punch! Chocolate chip cookies that are perfectly chocolaty and nutty, alongside the irresistible fresh taste of our peanut butter cookies, and you have yourself a winning situation!

The Sugar Free Keto Cookie Bundle includes:

• 2 clamshells of Sugar Free Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies (200g)

• 2 clamshells of Sugar Free Keto Peanut Butter Cookies (200g)


CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: Almond flour, sugar free chocolate (cocoa mass, inulin, erythritol, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract, stevia leaf), coconut oil, coconut almond milk, erythritol, coconut flour, almonds, natural vanilla extract, baking soda, monk fruit juice concentrate. CONTAINS: ALMONDS 

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES: Natural peanut butter, erythritol, bamboo fiber, peanut flour, peanut oil, inulin, baking soda, monk fruit juice concentrate, flaxseed, sea salt. CONTAINS: PEANUTS